reasons not to write that story

7:00 AM

Words of wisdom from me to you so listen up, folks.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't write a story.

Because it's cool. 

Because somebody told you to. 

Because it's a hot genre right now.

Because you feel like you have to.

Because it was prophesied in the books of old.

Because it'll sell really well.

Because it needs to be said. 

Because it's a topic that someone needs to address. 

Because somebody told you you should totally make that into a book. 

Because the plot bunny has taken control of your mind and body and forced you to open up that Word Document and you will neither eat nor sleep until the story has been set down in stone.

Because you need to write something better, something literary, something smart. 

Because it's good enough to be published. 

Because it's good.

Because maybe there's somebody out there who needs to read it.

Because you have to have something to write for Camp NaNo.

Because it's your dream to be a starving artist/drunk writer type.

Because somebody really talented/a friend/an author you admire did something in that style/genre/with that plot line and you should totally do something like that now because clearly it's good and interesting.

Because you have a message to spread, 

Because you can't write actual poetry, 

Because somebody told you you couldn't write.

Here is a reason why you should write a story: 

Because you want to.


  1. GOOD. SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT. There are so many writers that I know who took this idea and feel like they have to write it because it's a good idea, and they end up stressing themselves out and not enjoying writing. I've always had the rule that I write because I love it, and the day I stop loving it is the day I stop writing. I don't think that day will ever come. <3


  2. This is great. I love it. So true.

  3. Yes. Thank you, Aimee. That is why I started writing Forgotten in the first place, because I wanted to, So thank you for making me remember why I'm writing the thing.

    1. Yesss write all the things you want to write <3

  4. I needed to hear this so much!!! I've been in a writing slump for a few weeks now... I've felt aimless and lost as a writer unsure of what my future holds as a writer. And I've come to the realization that I came to when I was younger and lost as I got older and too caught up in the business of writing and the make writing a job messiness. That I should write because I want to! If I want to write this story then I will and if I don't then I won't! So thank you for the reminder that the only reason I should write is because I want to.

    Down The Rabbit Hole

  5. Nice! I think this is so true. I have a ton of friends who want to love writing, but they just don't, and that's okay. You should do it because you want to.

  6. So true. I'm not writing for other people. I'm not writing to get published, however nice that might be. I'M WRITING FOR ME, Y'ALL. And if I didn't love it, I'd have given up a long time ago.

  7. I ask myself a lot: why on earth are you writing this story? And the only way I'm actually happy enough with myself to continue is if the answer is because you really, truly want to. Even if it's prophesied in the books of old. ;)

    Thank you, Aimee.

    1. I really think that's the most crucial question you could ask yourself while writing. If you're not doing it because you *want* to do it, that's kind of silly, isn't it? If the reason is something other than the desire to do it...then bruh, you're gonna be out of luck. (Which is almost always the case when I run into blocks with stories. Darn you, need for validation and feeling like I'm a genius writer.)

  8. This post is fantastic!

    Not sure about the mind controlling plot bunny though, I mean those ARE pretty scary! ;)

    That said, I'll often have an idea for a story, sometimes an idea that I really like, and might tell friends about it, but I won't write it. Because I don't necessarily think it's meant for "me" to write.

    Though writers, some of the greatest writers even, might put down things that "needed to be said" involving "topics that had to be addressed", these have never been the ONLY reasons behind a great story. The writer must BELIEVE in the story they want to tell, and if they believe in it, they will desire to write it!

  9. Oh... yeah, that's true isn't it?
    *scraps half of the projects I'm working on*
    Thanks, Aimee. I needed this simple honest piece of truth right now...

  10. You know what, that's super true.

  11. Thank you Aimee! I really needed to hear this, and I think obviously, it needs to be said more. There's always this cloud of doubt that makes me wonder why I'm writing, but the thing is, I want to.
    Anyways, you rock.

  12. Greetings Aimee,

    May I ask your permission to contact you through email? I would love to speak with you.


  13. It's obvious in a book through the writing if the author wrote it because they wanted to or if for any of the reasons above. And only authors who want to write will really have a successful book.
    You make some great points!

  14. THANK!!! YOU!!! FOR!!1 THIS!!!



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