a week in the life of aimee.

7:00 AM

AKA "Aimee's life is a trainwreck that she will now present for your amusement."

I don't usually post about my life here, for the simple reason that...who even knows what my life is right now, and it's usually not #creativepersonaesthetic worthy. (I know I use hashtags in blog posts all the time, only sort of jokingly. I don't know why. We'll just deal with it together, I guess.)

This doesn't need a lot of explanation, honestly. Every so often someone asks me about my life, or wants to see some snippets of what goes down in a day in the life of Aimee, so I'm going to do ONE BETTER THAN THAT and give you an entire week of my life. Obviously the specifics vary by the week and they're not always consistent, because that's how life works, but this is the general flow of my week and all the creative/not-so-creative things within.

Take this how you will. This is, more or less, how a week in the life of Aimee goes:

Good morning and happy Monday, Aimee! I've always loved Mondays, contrary to what everyone seems to say. There's just something about a fresh start, a whole week ahead, and being refreshed by the weekend that gets me excited about jumping back in. I'm up at 8, like usual (I've had...a semi normal and healthy sleep schedule for the past few months???) and reluctantly ready to go. Some people start mornings with jumping up and getting in a workout or a devotion or a nice breakfast. I usually lay around in bed and catch up on all the social medias before I'm able to roll out of bed. Sure, this takes less than an hour. I force myself to work on writing/podcast nonsense for about an hour if it's a good day, pour some coffee into my Punisher mug, and at 10:30 I'm almost always out the door for a late morning/early afternoon full of taking orders and making pasta and serving pasta and doing dishes. (That work life tho. In all reality, Monday shifts are my favorite shifts, with some of my favorite crew, and it tends to be a good time with not a lot of business. we totally don't have dance parties at work when it's slow. definitely not.)

On Mondays I get home from work, crash for a little while, theoretically do some schoolwork or lowkey writing, and then I'm out the door again for karate, where I get beat up and punch a few people in the face and get all my inner aggression out. Not a lot of writing happens on Mondays -- it's late by the time I get home and usually I just force myself to drag out some words and do a lot of reading/plotting before I chill for the night.

(Most of my nights end with watching an episode of something probably Marvel-related with the little bro. We've worked our way through Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist in the past two months or so. It's a great end-of-night tradition.)

AKA my favorite day of ever and usually my most productive day.
channelin my inner fabulous hawkeye.
NONSTOP ACTION. The girl drags herself out the door earlier than normal, with a heavy backpack and a gajillion books. The girl tries to put everything in the car in a timely and sensical fashion. The girl...drops an entire stack of books into the back of the minivan, where they immediately slide all over.

The girl gives up and shoves her little brother in the car and drives him to his class, after which she immediately goes to meet up with a fren at Starbucks. Theoretically they study. In reality they drink sugary coffee and talk about superheroes and/or books or morality or criminal justice.

The Aimee goes to the library, where she jumps her read books onto the desk and immediately returns with a bajillion new books and a handful of new comics to add to her increasingly-huge pile. The girl is #suffering. The girl has no cares. She returns home and spends the rest of the day doing school and writing all the things and then working out to the sounds of a Ben Shapiro political podcast, which is surprisingly fiery. She goes to sleep.

The girl probably accomplished nothing but superhero talk today, let's be real.

Arguably my least favorite day, but whatever.

"This week is going great, I'm so productive, I'll get everything done this week!" I say, as I burst out the door on my way to work in the morning. I am happy. Paramore is blasting in the distance. I am unstoppable and everything is GREAT.

Four or five hours later I come home from work and nap for sixteen hours and watch another twenty hours of Netflix and lose myself in the void of technically-writing but probably just scrolling through Twitter getting involved in story-talk or drama. Sad violin music is playing in the distance. I don't seem to notice.

This is fine everything is fine what fun! Cute Instagram posts and definitely no messy hair and too-loud music. THIS IS FINE

Here is what we're going to say about Thursdays.

On Thursdays I most definitely put on my Captain America shirt and go to the gym, where I beat the crap out of a punching bag and mess around with some weights and other hardcore things like that. (But mostly the punching bag. Dang, I love that punching bag.)

On Thursdays I finish up my school for the week. I take a walk to the library closer to my house. Maybe I get some coffee on the way back. I have books, I have caffeine, I've worked out, I have music, everything is great. Schoolwork is getting done. Huzzah! Hurray!

Did I mention schoolwork definitely getting done? I really buckle down on it on Thursdays.

On Thursdays I also 100% definitely yup yup yup do a lot of writing. I write allll the words. I finish the week out strong with some solid story stuff instead of staring at Pinterest again. Wednesday is over and we're back to the grind.

This is my Thursday and it involves absolutely zero lying on the floor.

andy from parks and rec is the LEAST RELATABLE CHARACTER IN MY LIFE.

I probably went to work but I probably also Gave Up so there's that

"This was totally a practice week. Next week is a do-over. I'm gonna write ten thousand words, go to the coffee shop, and get things done."

*sleeps in*

*goes to the coffee shop, talks about Wolverine with the barista for half the time I'm there because it's slow and Wolverine, come on, how can you not talk about Wolverine with the attractive barista*

*watches a movie*

*goes to work for the rare "Aimee works the night shift" shift, doesn't come back till almost midnight, eats ice cream and falls asleep immediately*

The rare pressure-free reset day of peace. I regroup, go to church, probably hang with some people or at the very least eat out, come home, lay around in gym shorts and read books or watch shows. This is the one day where I refuse to feel bad for being lazy. I reset my bullet journal, plan the upcoming week, and pull myself together.

Because this week is definitely gonna be a good one.

Rinse and repeat. It's a weird week, but it's a good one.


  1. I ADORE ALL OF YOUR ASSORTED MARVEL MERCH. That Punisher mug is EVERYTHING. I will take 5, thnx. XD

  2. I relate to you so much on checking things before you roll out of bed. I almost always check the blogs I follow in the morning before I'm outta bed.

    P.S. You go girl, eating Lucky Charms. Now I want some...


  3. Hahaha, I wish my week was like that... it sounds almost relaxing XD #Not

  4. Ahh this was cool to read! And your levels of superhero appreciation are so ADMIRABLE I LOVE IT WELL DONE.

  5. Your Marvel stash is awesome !! And you even do karate and box, with a Captain America tee. It seems like you're busy, but busy with the important things.
    Thank you for another fun post! Hoping you have a lovely week.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who dies on Wednesday, haha. Also, kudos to you for doing cool martial arts stuff, having a job, being in school, and still managing to write so much! That takes a lot of dedication.

  7. Haha YES! It's a peek into the life of Aimee: the (wo)man, the myth, the legend.

  8. I love how you wrote this post and it is seriously so cool that you can do all of that.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  9. Love how much of your life revolves around Marvel, I can relate. :D

  10. My weeks during the school year are just classes for the first three days and then schoolwork the other four days. Then repeat. And somehow find time to do stuff that ain't studying. Wow.



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