april // i haven't done this in forever.

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I'm still alive, fam.

Yes, yes, I know, there hasn't been a wrap-up in forever. There haven't been a lot of posts in forever, either. I am hoping to fix that in May. Maybe. Hopefully. Have faith in me, if you haven't left already. I love youuuu. (This'll be a short wrap-up, but that's okay.)
my response to everything lately let's be real

So here's a little bit of what went down, more or less:

Yahhhh you know how this went down. There were some posts. There were mostly no posts. No explanation there, just gonna be real with you. I'm still trying to re-find the spark that makes me want to blog, and I'm still trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly and thinking of things to post. There's a lot on my plate and I'm working on juggling it. I posted about Lemony Snicket, however, so that's the most important thing you'll need from me for the rest of my blogging career.

I did actually read books! Yay! I've been working myself back into the habit of reading all the books and going/walking to the library regularly, something that's easier now that the weather is nice and I can drive more. Right now my TBR is towering, and it's a great feeling.

I re-read a good chunk of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Because I can, and because Lemony Snicket is my jam, and because I own them all now. SUE ME.
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I read graphic novels that weren't Marvel comics! A medal for me. 

I read some Star Wars books. I loved me some Star Wars books. Star Wars is my jam. I'm never going to recover from Star Wars. (Did I mention that Star Wars makes me endlessly happy.)

Somehow between podcast things and work and books and life and Netflix, I actually managed to pound out 50k vaguely-dieselpunk words just in time to finish Camp NaNoWriMo. It was a hard one. It was a horrible, wrist-hurting, headache-inducing, late-night-filled month of writing. Most of the time sitting down to drag out some sentences felt like pulling teeth, or gouging my eyes out with a spoon, or just watching Netflix instead of doing anything at all because that was much easier. I missed a lot of days, and caught up, and got behind again, and missed more days, and wrote 6k on the last day of the month to pull out a win an hour and a half before midnight. That's how you're supposed to do it, right? 
forever mood: tired matt murdock in sweatpants
I also worked on podcast things. Bright Eyes Project podcast things. There is space and aliens and I'm halfway through writing the season, but beyond that...

Some very exciting news on this podcast coming soon, y'all. I am not alone in the project now and it's COMING SOON. IT'S GONNA BE LIT. Can guarantee. We're hard at work and making it happen over here, with lots of spacey awesomeness to come soon. 

Legion. Technically I finished Legion, which I should have done last month, but I procrastinated watching the last one for reasons unknown. Suffice it to say...if you haven't seen Legion, or thought about seeing Legion on FX, you've made a horrible decision. It doesn't matter if you aren't into comics stuff or Marvel stuff normally; no comics knowledge required! It's a breathtaking, horrifying masterpiece of color and music and excellent writing. If you're looking for something that addresses mental illness in a way that's brutally honest and real, look no further. This show means a lot to me -- almost as much as the comics meant to me -- and I'm going to hug it forever and never recover, I'm sure. 
Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I finished The Office. I finished Parks and Rec. I needed a new stupid comedy to binge. Brooklyn Nine-Nine combined my love of stupid comedy with my love of cop shows and HERE WE HAVE SOMETHING HILARIOUS. (#Ginaismyspiritanimal)

Luke Cage again, with the little bro. He's getting a proper education. 

Alllll the shows. 

As I blogged about this month in one of my few posts... April was the month of new music. I made a decision to listen to one new album every day AND I DID IT. BOOM. 30 NEW ALBUMS I'D NEVER HEARD BEFORE. (I'll be recapping the last 15 albums this week, too. Stay tuned for that fun stuff.)
If you want to hear some of the tunes I listened to this month...I picked one from each album and threw them into this 30-song playlist. Have fun with it. 

Writing. All the writing. Also all the podcasting. As I said...exciting things happening and going down on that front, so stay tuned, frens. <3 

I bought a car! A wonderful car And subsequently found out that the car doesn't work the way I need it to, and am now trying to sell that car. So I'm dealing with that. But that's okay. (Probably.) (*quiet weeping*)

Work work work work workin' hard. Still enjoying my job. Still making all the pasta. #funtimes 

It's been a long month, I'm not gonna lie. It's been hard, and intense, and I'm ready to curl up and sleep. It feels like everything I've tried to do to adult has gone wrong lately, and that's discouraging, but I'm trying to keep going. 

One step at a time over and over and over and over and over. 

How did your month go, guys? What did you do? Update me on your livesssss.


  1. OMG, I got the first comment on an Aimee Meester post?? *throws glitter because that NEVERRRR happens*

    I think the best thing that happened to me in April was when I finished reading....wait for it.........UNWIND BY NEAL SHUSTERMAN BECAUSE YOU MADE ME WANT TO READ IT SO I READ THE THING AND NOW IM GETTING ALL THE FEELS AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DEAL.


    Like seriously tho, THAT BOOK WAS INSANE AND WONDERFUL AND TWISTED AND NOW I KNOW WHY YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH. *pauses to breathe* MY FAVORITE PART WAS DEFINITELY WHEN CONNER PROMISED RISA HE WOULD NEVER TOUCH HER WITH YOU-KNOW-WHAT. *tried to code talk so people who haven't read it aren't like #spoilers*

    I started Unwholly and it's really good. I'll update ya on mah progress as I get through the things, but yah, just thought that it might make you happy to know that I read the thing because you made it sound so good. 😜 So thanks for guiding me to all the feels, Aimee. It's much appreciated.

    *stops ranting because this comment is already way too long*

  2. Anthem Lights! Dear Evan Hansen! OneRepublic! 💛💛💛💛

    Congrats on winning Camp. :)


  3. OMG OCEANS BY OCEANS. The Boxer Rebellion is ma jam!!! I discovered them a couple months ago, and have been HOOKED.

    1. Oooh I'll have to give them another listen, then.

  4. Hello Aimee!
    Congratulations on finishing Camp NaNoWriMo!
    My month pretty chaotic, but good, nonetheless. I read Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, and then the Hobbit.:)
    I've never even heard of Legion, my interest is peaked though. What's it about?
    I love both Aurora and Jon Bellion! You've got fantastic tastes.
    Thank you for blogging, I'm always excited to read your posts.

    1. Dude who even knows what Legion is about. It's kind of an X-Men spinoff, but essentially it can stand on its own -- it's about a man who believes he has schizophrenia (and maybe he does, but...) and also has superpowers. It's very trippy and colorful and well-done.

  5. YAS FOR ALL THE WORDS YOU WROTE IN NANO!! And honestly I get it when books are like pulling teeth...arghgh. Sometimes they're easy?!? Like I wrote two books in February and they were the most freaking easiest books I've ever written. However my April book??? Haha, let me just stab my eyeball with a spork. It was disagreeable to the max. I don't think that's ever an indication of if the book is good vs bad. Just all books are different and like to mess with our writerly hearts. Bless them. Disagreeable little children.

    You got so much done this month wooooah. :D And all those pretty albums! (Why are album covers so gorgeous?!? I think most book cover designers should take tips.)

    SAD ABOUT THE CAR. D: What would be so frustrating. But YAY ABOUT LEMONY SNICKET. I was rereading them for the show but then stopped at book 5. I should keep going. My inner smol childhood bookworm was so happy.

    Also Legion looks so so good???? Just from one gif????? Excuse me while I need to go watch it.


      That is all I have to say to you.

      Watch Legion.

      Join the stabbiness with me.

  6. Ayyyyyy good to hear your voice! Welcome back chum.

  7. OMG!!! So happy to see some Dear Evan Hansen on your list!! That is a newer musical to me and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!! Have a great May!

  8. Well, I'm super late because somehow I missed this post, but I'm glad your April went well! Great job with all your life stuff/writing!


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